LOGBOOK ENTRY - 25052021-A

Welcome to the science team! Our sensors have detected vast quantities of element XR15 on nearby planets. As you know, XR15 is an excellent fuel source, and with your help, we should be able to fully power our new homeworld. (It's also radioactive and highly unstable, so you should probably wear gloves or something...)

You will find a standard-issue Stun-o-Matic stun gun in your scientist starter. It should help you stay ali... uh... figure things out. Now go quickly, we science needs you!

Cosmic Caves is a collaborative effort by Cosmocat Games and Studio Van der Stoep. We wanted to see what we could achieve in a month by combining our strengths.

Explore the depths of procedurally-generated caves in search of XR15 crystals, evading alien creatures and unlocking stun gun upgrades along the way.

Known issues:

  • Possible audio stuttering between scenes
  • If you experience framerate issues in Firefox, try Chrome
  • Cursor may lose focus. If so: click outside of browser window and then back
  • Cutscenes may be skipped using spacebar or start button (*after beating a level)

Cosmic Caves is currently in a demo/prototype stage. Depending on interest, we may consider fleshing it out into a full experience. Among some of the ideas we have in mind:

  • Scanning mechanic
  • Environmental hazards
  • Random mission types (collect crystals, scan creatures, etc.)
  • Timed/challenge missions
  • Improved procedural generation (i.e. multi-level, height variation, etc.)

We are also thinking of providing a behind-the-scenes look into the making of Cosmic Caves via developer videos. If that is something you would be interested in, do let us know!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the demo, whether good or bad. Please give us your feedback in the comments below or consider joining the Cosmocat Discord.

Special thanks to Cosmocat patrons: Stephen Crane, Lina Roberts, jeff lau, Lukas Steinman, Fuster Cluckie, and nullpacket!

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