Essentials Build

The Essentials Build is now live! This brings the game up to date with the Switch version, plus a few extras. It's mostly quality of life stuff, but I've also made it a bit easier to access some content as well (super secret level, ending cut scene).

  • add loading screens in many places
  • remove fugly "Gamepad recommended" screen
  • change "Buy" key to E for keyboard/mouse, add dedicated icon
  • always show Space secret exit
  • always show ending (even if not starting from first level)
  • add Cosmocat splash screen
  • add support for D-pad movement/aiming (note: the game was designed for precise aiming with analog stick, so there are many places you'll want to use this instead)
  • improved HUD
  • add Discord link to pause menu
  • drop 32-bit Windows support

If you don't currently own the game and are interested in checking it out, I've got a few keys up for grabs via the Cosmocat Discord--just drop me a line in the #operation-hardcore channel.

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May 23, 2020

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