Build 111 release notes

I'm pleased to announce the first beta build in the Badass Bravado update! Build 111 includes the following:

  • Faster player projectiles
  • Proper pixel art animations for many of the VFX (player foot impact, fire, explosions, flamethrower, rocket thrusters, etc.)
  • Various visual improvements (improved particle effects, muzzle flash, backgrounds, etc.)
  • More physics effects for explosions (i.e. launching debris, such as crate slats)
  • By popular demand, explosions now hurt enemies (i.e. you can get an extra hit off by shooting a grenade as it's spawning from an enemy)
  • No more "damage per second" stuff: everything does an even 25% damage to the player, with a brief invincibility period afterwards (much more predictable/fair)
  • Seamless switching between keyboard/mouse and gamepad (single player only)

Known issues/caveats:

  • 2 player has not yet been tested
  • Switching between keyboard/mouse and gamepad does not update UI elements
  • Save data format and location has changed, existing save data will not be preserved

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60 days ago

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