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You awaken on a derelict space station. The scientists aboard were researching an invasive species when something went horribly wrong, leaving them near death and unable to call for help. You are tasked with cleaning up the mess.

SSE is inspired by the mechanics of games like Super Meat Boy, and the atmosphere, openness and progression of games like Super Metroid.

In SSE there are no weapons or shooting, nor are there any push-block/switch puzzles. Instead, everything is done indirectly through the environment: lure enemies into electrified pools of water, airlocks, explosive barrels, etc.

This is an early prototype and something I plan to develop further after my current project. I hope you like it :)

Keyboard controls:

  • Move: left/right arrow keys
  • Jump: space
  • Use doors: E

Gamepad controls:

  • Move: left analog
  • Jump: A
  • Use Doors: Y

Known issues/limitations:

  • there is currently no end--you'll know you're done when you've found all 7 levels
  • there is no way to exit from the menu (use Alt-F4)
  • no gamepad support for pause menu--use mouse
  • camera lags briefly after talking to scientists or pausing
  • some background tiles are tinted red
  • switches reset if an enemy passes through them while player is also standing on them--exit/re-enter to workaround
  • low-grav pads stop working in certain cases--exit/re-enter


SSE.zip 37 MB

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