Defining done/MVP

So Felix and are in that proverbial "last 20%" home stretch... ๐Ÿ˜… We've been trying to nail down what we think is going to be considered "done" as it pertains to a launch version/MVP. Here's what we've come up with (relative to where we are today):

  • 32 levels (4 worlds x 8 levels each)--we're currently at around 30, though some need some rework
  • some kind of an intro story/cut scene, even if just images and text
  • an ending and/or credits
  • a boss/final challenge level
  • achievements

I did a super quick prototype of a basic cutscene system--basically just an array of scriptable objects, each compromised of an image and text, and some tweening:

For the boss/challenge, we were thinking of having a level with a few different paths, each of which leads to a switch. The goal would be to activate each switch and destroy the planet. (actual story TBD, heh). To that end, I've implemented basic pressure activated switches:

Last but not least, some long overdue updates to the starmap, namely, showing information about the levels (mostly importantly, coin count):

<shameless>And an obligatory reminder to wish list us on Steam and join the Discord if you'd like to check it out--we'll be running another closed alpha soon.</shameless>

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