Artifact Update now live!

The Artifact Update is now live!

Artifact Buffs

The biggest change is the addition of an artifact select screen at the start of each round. Selecting an alien artifact will grant a buff, like adding extra time, increasing firing rate, etc.

This also includes newly revamped artifact icons, as seen above.

Visual Improvements

  • Added trails for asteroids
  • Orbit lines are now dashed instead of solid
  • Improved ship part, artifact and blueprint pickup effect (leave particle system)
  • Revamped explosive mines, explosion particles

Revamped Earthling Profile Pics

'Nuff said!

Late Game Enemy Behaviours

Late game enemy ships now drop explosive mines.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for enemies not taking damage from asteroids
  • Fix for player able to move before mission started

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Jun 08, 2020

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