Hello, world(s)!

So Ricardo and I took a week off from Undermine to work on a small prototype. Something we could knock out fairly quickly, but with the potential to be expanded in the future. The result is "Cosmic Ray", a web-based game about exploring space in search of hospitable planets for colonization.

This is an early prototype, and of course lacks the depth and openness that we would want to achieve with a full version, but the basic mechanics and game loop are there.

Our goal is to knock out these smaller projects every few months while working on our primary one, for a few reasons:

  • try things out and see what "sticks", without having to commit to months/years of dev--the ones that stick will likely be expanded in the future
  • garner some interest in our games, and start building a community for our current "big" project (Undermine)
  • fun, instant gratification, and the corresponding dopamine release that comes with it!

We hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a comments, suggestions, hate mail, etc. here or on the itch.io page.


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Jul 18, 2017

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