End Game Update now available!

Well, this is it! The final major Early Access update! While I wasn't able to do everything I had set out to, I'm still quite happy with how closely I've been able to stick to the roadmap.

Let's take a closer look...

New Beacon Type: Smoke Beacon
The smoke beacon creates a volume of smoke that obstructs the vision of most enemies, making it easier to sneak by. This brings the total number of beacon types up to 6. Along with this, a Beacon Expert achievement has been added (you'll get this for trying out all of them).

Two Separate Endings
At the end of the final level, you'll now need to decide how you want to end things. This of course includes an achievement for each option, plus another for completing both. (I've also added a semi-hidden area in the final level, which you'll need to find to get the Well-read achievement.)

Quality of Life
I've added a couple of long-overdue quality of life things:

  • Input reminding
  • Settings for music and SFX volume

I'm quite happy with how the input rebinding turned out. It's super flexible and supports almost anything you want to remap (with a few limitations).

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • More achievements: Mycologist, Binge Drinker
  • Display day number at the start of each level
  • Fix for glitchy mutant miner idle animation
  • Various texture improvements
  • Improve the appearance of fog, smoke, etc.
  • Various optimizations
  • Highlight newly found items in Discovery Log
  • Fix for dead mutant miner clothes disappearing (Cyberpunk, anyone?)
  • Add confirmation dialogs for retry and exit

What's next?
I'll soon be switching into full-blown marketing and release mode, including preparing new marketing assets (screenshots, trailer, etc.), getting ready to hand out more review keys (if you know anyone who would be interested, send 'em to KeyMailer), and all that fun stuff.

Once that's all taken care of, I'll set a date for the full release! To be clear, the full release doesn't signal the end of me updating the game; as with all my games, the more interest there is, the more I keep investing, and I still have lots of ideas I'd like to explore!

That said, it's been a pretty heavy grind to get to this point, so I do hope to take some time off after release. (I will of course be keeping an eye on things and addressing any major bugs or balancing issues, but it may be a few months before I get back to adding new content.)

Well, that about does it for now! Thanks for sticking with me through Early Access.


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Jan 14, 2021


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