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Build 23 release notes
B ug Fixes/Improvements 馃悰 Removed intro dev note and feedback form...
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Build 22 release notes
Bug Fixes/Improvements 馃悰 Update Titanis coin requirement to something more sensible...
1 file
Build 21 release notes
New Features 馃檶 Display level number and name at start of level Bug Fixes/Improvements 馃悰 Fix some player movement edge cases Fix for some Venom levels miss...
1 file
Build 19 release notes
Bug Fixes/Improvements 馃悰 Fix for jittery player movement Fix for intro cutscene missing from previous build...
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Build 18 release notes
New Features 馃檶 Add ending cut scene Add final level: Showdown! Add new playable credits scene Implement some achievements (Steam only) Bug Fixes/Improvements...
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Build 14 release notes
Some additional progress on intro cutscene Add level names Add Titanis to star map (placeholder level/nothing to see yet) Replace exit platforms with switches (...
2 files
Defining done/MVP
So Felix and are in that proverbial "last 20%" home stretch... 馃槄 We've been trying to nail down what we think is going to be considered "done" as it pertains...

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