Overachiever Update now available!

Another month, another major update! 

Chasm Area

A new area has been added that replaces the fourth level: a sprawling industrial complex set in a chasm. This will serve as the basis for the final challenge and multiple endings, coming in next month's End Game Update.

New Weapon

The player's punch attack has been replaced with a knife swipe attack. Although it does the same amount of damage, it can now be used to break crates as well:

Toxic Status

Everything that previously did toxic damage now fills a gauge instead of hurting the player. When the gauge is full, you're dead! ☠

And More!

  • Add the first batch of Steam achievements (5 to start with)
  • Adjust mutant miner HP (varied by type)
  • Add new mutant miner behaviour (deaf)
  • Mutant miners now pursue player more aggressively
  • Various texture and material improvements
  • Increase the prevalence of pickaxes
  • Disable collision with broken wall pieces
  • Add explosion force to breakable wall pieces if hit with drill
  • Improve tabbed UI for settings and controls
  • Increase fall damage, add dedicated SFX and screenshake

Next month's update will add additional achievements, multiple endings, and some long-overdue quality of life stuff (key bindings, sound settings). And then it's time to start thing about the full release! 😲


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Nov 28, 2020


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