7DRL here we go!

So I've been tinkering with an idea for a tabletop game for a while, and then 7DRL came along, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to prototype it!

I'm by no means an expert in tabletop games, so the design is based partially on a fairly rudimentary mental model of them, and partially based on a reasonable amount of experience with turn-based RPGs. I'm thinking it's either going to wind up being something original and unique, or an inferior version or something that already exists but of which I'm unaware 😅

The basic (not so groundbreaking) premise goes a little something like:

  • You're trying to survive an outbreak (whether zombie, or otherwise)
  • You roll for action points which allow you to do a variety of things (move, attack, revive a downed player, use special "survivor" cards, etc.)
  • Aas you move you discover hexes which have specific attributes; some beneficial for you, some beneficial for the infected
  • It's asymmetrical in that the infected (AI) behaves differently, including the ability to turn your players

(Side note: I could see that asymmetry really being explored in a multiplayer tabletop version, where everyone starts as a survivor but if they're turned they can then control the infected.)

K so let's do this! I knew I wanted to use hex tiles, so I started off by getting familiar with Unity's hex tilemap support. Pretty easy to get up and running with some placeholder tiles (clearly inspired by Catan, heh).

I also knew I wanted dice, so that was next.

I'm using DOTween to do some random tweening (subsequent versions increase the minimum number of rotations; you can see in the above it looks a bit silly when there are too few).

Next it was time for some basic player tokens (I'm calling them meeple, because I find the term amusing), hex selection and movement.

As you can see, I'm also keeping an action log. This is useful not only for debugging, but will also allow the player to keep tracking of everything that's going on.

Coming up next: enemy meeple, more hex types, basic attacking, sound, music, and so much more! Plus a (very early) playable build.

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