Weekend progress

Phew, really happy with the progress over the weekend! I managed to get the better part of a day of dev in despite several social engagements.

Above is a video that captures just about everything I did over the weekend. I'm sure I'll miss something, but here's an attempt at trying to summarize it all in bullet point form:

  • Enemy meeples, including crude movement (currently no AI as such, just randomly moving around)
  • Basic combat (currently based solely on dice roll)
  • Sound effects for most actions
  • Music (shameless: from my ambient music pack)
  • A crude HUD (that also offers some insight into the state machine)
  • Proper hex discovery system, including one special hex type (toxic): currently, ends the turn if a player lands on it, and "mutates" infected if they land on it (+2 attack power)
  • Basic win and lose screens

That's it off the top of my head.

So what's next? Well, the obvious things:

  • Some way for the player to buff, since it's currently quite unfair once the infected start mutating. Currently I'm thinking this will take the form of:
    • A "shop" hex and a simple currency system, i.e. purchase special action cards
    • and/or a "shelter" hex that buffs the player while on it
  • I'm contemplating having toxic effect cards instead of just ending the turn (i.e. miss your next turn, lose 2 AP next turn, etc.)
  • Some kind of tutorial or help text to explain the rules over the first few turns
  • Basic enemy AI. Probably do one of a few things based on some conditions:
    • Discover hex tiles
    • Attack player
    • Move towards toxic hex tiles

Beyond that, I have some more involved ideas that may or may not get done for the jam, like the "turning" mechanic (i.e. player meeples change sides after lose in combat. (Currently this will be challenging due to the limit of one player and one enemy meeple per tile). If I am able to implement this, I would hope to include a "revive" mechanic as well (i.e. one turn to save a player before they turn).

I welcome your thoughts via the comments or the Discord.

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