Two days remain...

Feeling the crunch, but making some really great progress in spite of this (or perhaps because of?!). Since last time:

  • Added new hex type: survivor camp
  • Implemented cards (albeit only one type right now)
  • Implemented player buffs (being on a survivor camp tile, playing a survivor card)
  • Revamped hex tiles
  • Increased the size of the action log
  • Improved dice (added some bevels)

Regarding the hex tile revamp, I also took the opportunity to vectorize the textures. I settled on using Inkscape for this:

From there I was able to copy/paste into Affinity Designer and adjust as needed:

The vectorization is not all that noticeable in game given how small the tiles currently are (128x128), but it's nice to have the flexibility for the future.

The biggest thing remaining at this point is enemy AI, so I'm going to tackle that next. Once that's in place it should be a pretty well-rounded and complete experience, albeit lacking some of the depth I had hoped for (varying types of cards, player "turning" mechanic, etc.).

P.S. I'll upload a new sneak peek web build shortly.


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Sneak peek web build (no enemy AI yet):